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Aspen Orthodontics Treatment

Invisalign or traditional braces? Both options can give you the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted, but there are some key differences. Traditional braces use metal brackets and wires to straighten teeth, while Invisalign uses clear, virtually invisible plastic aligners without using metal brackets and wires. We’ll provide the best orthodontic treatment possible to keep you smiling! Here at Aspen Smile Dentistry, we offer Aspen orthodontics!


What is Orthodontic Treatment in Aspen?

Orthodontic treatment is a specialized area of dentistry that deals with correcting teeth and jaws positioned improperly. The techniques used in orthodontics can range from simple dental appliances that exert gentle pressure on teeth to more complex procedures such as jaw surgery.

Our Aspen orthodontics treatment can correct a wide range of dental problems. In most cases, we use orthodontic treatment to improve the appearance of teeth, but we can also use it to address underlying issues such as crowding, gaps, and misaligned bites.

For many people, orthodontic treatment is about improving the way their smile looks. But there are other benefits to treatment that go beyond appearance. Orthodontic treatment can also improve your oral health. Crooked teeth are more difficult to clean, leading to an increased risk of tooth decay and periodontal disease. In addition, misaligned jaws can cause a number of problems, including headaches, jaw pain, and TMJ disorders. By correcting these problems, orthodontic treatment can help you enjoy a healthier, more comfortable life. In short, there are many good reasons to consider orthodontic treatment – not just for how it can improve your smile but for the benefits it can have on your overall health.

Orthodontists use various tools and techniques to correct misaligned teeth and the type of treatment that is right for you can depend on the severity of your problem. We offer two common and popular types of orthodontic treatment: traditional metal braces and Invisalign. Braces work by applying pressure to the teeth to move them into the desired position gradually. Invisalign Aligners use clear, soft, comfortable plastic trays custom-made to fit over the teeth. They work by gently moving the teeth into alignment over time.

If you are considering orthodontic treatment, it is essential to consult with us so we can assess your individual needs and develop a treatment plan that is right for you.


Costs Associated With Orthodontic Treatment 

The cost of orthodontic treatment can vary depending on the severity of your dental issue, the length of time required to correct it, and the type of braces or other devices used. Generally, traditional metal braces are the more affordable option, while newer, more advanced treatments like Invisalign can be more expensive.

However, we offer financing options that can make treatment more manageable. Ultimately, the best way to determine the cost of orthodontic treatment is to consult with our team.


Schedule An Aspen Orthodontics Treatment Consultation in Aspen, Colorado

We know that everyone’s smile is different, so we offer both Invisalign and traditional braces to give our patients the best possible chance at achieving their perfect smile. Which one is right for you? Dr. Jeremy Lowell, Dr. Ian Lowell, and the Aspen Smiles Dentistry team can help you decide! 

If you want a discreet option that still gets the job done, Invisalign is perfect for you. You can wear them during work, school, and other activities – no one will even know you’re straightening your teeth. Plus, they’re comfortable and easy to use. If you’d prefer traditional metal braces, you should know that you’re also selecting an excellent solution. Traditional metal braces have been around for a long time and are still one of the most popular options. They’re affordable and effective and can treat even severely misaligned teeth.

Schedule a consultation with Aspen Smile Dentistry today! We will help you choose the best orthodontic treatment for your needs.

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