Dentistry can be a very complex field. This is because there are a lot of different areas of specialism, and so there can be a lot of complex words that you may not understand. Endodontics is one of these. With that being said, we’re going to explain endodontic dentistry in full so that you can understand what types of problems require endodontic treatment. If you have any further queries or concerns about endodontic dentistry in Aspen, CO, all you need to do is give us a call.


What is endodontics?

First and foremost, let’s begin with what endodontics is. This is a type of dental specialty that is concerned with treating and studying the dental pulp, which is the soft tissue that is found inside of the tooth. The word comes from two Greek words that have been joined together. The first is the word for inside, which is ‘endo,’ and the second is the word for tooth, which is ‘odont.’ An endodontist is a type of dentist who has undergone additional training and has extra skills for treating endodontic conditions. 


What sort of dental issues are treated?

There are a number of different dental issues that can be treated by a dentist. The most common is root canal treatment, which is a procedure that tends to be carried out under local anesthesia. The purpose of the treatment is to take out the damaged nerve and potentially the pulp that is now infected so that the tooth can be saved. The dentist will utilize a number of tools so that they can remove the infected or inflamed pulp and then he or she will clean and disinfect the tooth so that an infection is prevented. Once the tooth has been disinfected, the dentist will utilize a gutta-percha, which is a material like rubber, which will fill and seal the cavity. After this, the tooth will be restored using a filling or a crown so that it can be protected over the long-term. 


Endodontic re-treatment

This is a type of treatment that is given to people who have already experienced root canal treatment. Root canal treatment can become diseased or painful after the first treatment. This could be because of the complex canal system or because the treatment was not carried out well to begin with.


Endodontic surgery

This is a type of treatment that assists in terms of helping to find hidden canals or small fractures that have not been detected by prior non-surgical root canal procedures or x-rays. The treatment will help in terms of getting rid of any deposits or calcium or to treat roof surfaces that have become damaged and/or the surrounding bone. 


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