It is very important to visit your dentist regularly throughout your life. When we are kids our parents will often book appointments with the dentist now and again to allow us to keep our teeth healthy and strong. However a lot of the time as we grow older we will forget or neglect this checkup and this can cause problems for our oral health. 

It is important to visit the dentist now and again to ensure that your mouth is healthy and that your teeth are strong, and general dentistry is an important part of the healthcare system. 

General dentistry in Aspen, CO can be seen as the general practitioner of your teeth. You should be visiting them every once in a while to discuss your teeth whether you have any issues or not, and your general dentist covers a range of treatments and procedures to keep your mouth healthy. 


So what does your general dentist do?

General dentists diagnose different problems and will use this information to perform either treatments in house or refer you to a specialist such as an orthodontist. Here are the things a general dentist does. 


Routine examinations

Just as you would visit the doctors now and again to have a checkup, you should do so with your dentist. A general dentist will carry out a routine examination that involves them taking a mirror into your mouth to count and inspect every tooth individually. They will also take a look at your gums and your tongue to check for infections or issues. A general dentist checkup in Aspen also includes inspection of your neck and jaw that may indicate a problem with your oral health. A routine examination is able to identify any small issues you might be having and often early signs of bigger issues. This is an important thing because a lot of oral health problems are silent and aren’t noticed until it is too late. 

Restorative treatment

Restorative treatment is the treatment of damaged or broken teeth. If you have chipped a tooth or you have cracks in your teeth your dentist can treat these issues for you in house and ensure your teeth stay healthy and strong. They will provide treatments that make you more comfortable and will ensure that you have a winning smile. The most common treatments for your teeth when damaged are: 


  • Fillings – if you have a cavity in your tooth due to rotting or another reason fillings are the most common fixture. Cavitated teeth are prone to food build up and this can cause bad breath and infection if not treated properly. Your dentist will be able to spot the early signs of cavities or caries and treat them before they become an issue. 
  • Root canal treatment – if you have a tooth that is infected at the root this can be a huge risk and can cause a lot of pain and problems. The easiest treatment for this problem is to remove the infection and restore the tooth back to health. It is a painless treatment and will be performed during your appointment. 
  • Crowns – if you have a tooth that has a lot of damage and seems brittle it is common for you to have a crown fitted to protect the tooth against fracture. Your teeth are bones and they will need to be protected if they are not to break. A crown can cover the tooth and protect it from further damage. 



You may think that a tooth extraction would need to be carried out by a specialist but this is actually not the case at all. If you have a tooth which is badly infected and needs to be removed, your general dentist can do this in house. It will be carried out quickly and should be completely painless. It is important to note that removing a tooth is always a last resort and your dentist will likely want to try and treat the tooth if they can.

If you are in need of a great general dentistry in Aspen, CO, call our office today to schedule an appointment.