When do I need restorative dentistry?

One of the main questions asked about restorative dentistry is: when is restorative dentistry needed? When you’re looking for Aspen, Colorado, restorative dentistry, turning to Aspen Smile Dentistry is the best thing you could do!

Restorative dentistry is all about restoring and repairing your teeth so that they are their very best. There are plenty of treatments when seeking Aspen, CO restorative dentistry, and Dr. Lowell will be able to tell you whether you need more than a checkup. Some of the restorative dentistry options available to you include:



If you are dealing with cavities in your teeth, you can pick these up during a routine dentist appointment. Your dentist can pinpoint early-stage decay that occurs due to the tooth enamel wearing down and weakening over time. With the proper oral hygiene and fluoridated treatments, you can often reverse decay, which is what you want! Fillings are necessary when your dentist detects that your teeth are permanently damaged by decay, and they fill a cavity in the tooth to protect the root. 

They can also restore strength to the teeth and prevent any further deterioration. Most dentists can offer you composite fillings that can match the natural shade of the teeth, so you don’t have to worry about your smile with a filling.



Our Aspen, Colorado, restorative dentist includes crowns, too. We use these to top a dental implant, cover a decayed tooth, and even stabilize a dental bridge. With the fitting crowns, you can hide cracked, discolored, and broken teeth, too. 

The best thing about crowns is that we create them to fit your mouth, and they’ll fit your teeth seamlessly. We fit them to function just as a natural tooth would. Aspen Smile Dentistry includes different materials and styles to choose from.


Dental Implants

Losing a baby tooth as a child is exciting, but losing a tooth as an adult can be traumatic. Image is essential to most people, and fixing their smiles is vital to them, too. Dental implants are often used for missing teeth as there is no new tooth waiting to erupt in the gap. Titanium posts are surgically implanted into the jaw to serve as artificial tooth roots. The implant then fuses with the bone, creating a dental restoration that works like a natural tooth!


Root Canals

Many patients worry about getting a root canal because they have heard that they are painful. However, this is a common misconception. The pain felt before the root canal due to the infection is more significant than any discomfort during or after surgery. The most common reason that your dentist may recommend a root canal is for an infected tooth. When the root of the tooth, the part in the gums, becomes infected, it can cause extreme pain and sensitivity. 

To eliminate the pain and prevent the infection from spreading, your dentist will perform a root canal. During the root canal, your dentist will remove the infected part of the tooth and replace it with a composite resin. The resin will make your tooth feel and look almost natural again. 


Consider Our Aspen, CO Restorative Dentist Today

No matter your dental issues, Aspen Smile Dentistry has a team that is ready and willing to give you all the help you need. It would be best if you had a solution to restore your smile, and Aspen Smile Dentistry is more than able to help. 

All you need to do is contact our office today, and we’ll book you in for an assessment. With our team present, we can discuss your smile goals and ensure that you get the restorative dentistry that you need in Aspen, CO, for the perfect smile once more.