Teeth Whitening in Aspen, Colorado


Do you look in your mirror and notice that your teeth aren’t as white as they used to be? Have you started to feel less confident when you smile? Do you yearn for the kind of dazzling Hollywood smile you see on TV but worry about the cost? 

What if we told you that we could bring you a beautifully white smile safely and affordably? 

At Aspen Smile Dentistry, we’re delighted to offer Teeth Whitening in Aspen, Colorado that is completely safe and won’t break the bank. 

Why don’t our teeth stay white?

Modern living can take its toll on our teeth, preventing them from staying as white as they could be. Those of us who smoke cigarettes, drink red wine and enjoy a good ol’ cup of joe in the morning may find that these stain our teeth over time. This is because the white enamel of our teeth has an outer layer of proteins in which particles of our foods and drinks can get stuck, causing discoloration of the outer layer.

What’s more, as we get older our tooth enamel starts to wear down to reveal the yellower dentin below. Fortunately our gentle whitening treatments can restore your teeth to their former pristine beauty.

How does Teeth Whitening work?

Our dentist makes a perfect impression of your teeth from which a mold is made. This sits comfortably over your teeth while the whitening treatment is applied. This is a peroxide gel of which tiny amounts are applied within the mold every night before you go to sleep. As you sleep, the whitening treatment works its magic and over several days you’ll notice your teeth growing visibly whiter. 

Please note that because the outer layer of enamel can be more porous while you’re whitening your teeth, it’s advisable to abstain from tea, coffee, spicy foods and smoking until a few days after treatment has concluded. 

Why you should choose a dentist for your Teeth Whitening in Aspen

We’re aware that there are many over the counter whitening solutions available, but we strongly recommend whitening your teeth with the aid of a trained dentist. Most over the counter whitening treatments are either ineffective, or worse, can cause damage to your teeth and put your oral health at risk. 

Teeth Whitening in Aspen Colorado is just the tip of the iceberg

Our teeth whitening solutions are just one of the services we offer to help give you that perfect smile you’ve always dreamed of while also ensuring great dental health and oral hygiene. Our dentist in Aspen, Colorado offers a wide range of services for all kinds of patients including:

  • Other cosmetic treatments including shaping, bonding and contouring
  • General and family dentistry
  • Orthodontic treatments- including Invisalign
  • Endodontic treatments such as root canals
  • Restorative dentistry including crowns, bridges and dentures

Proud to bring bright smiles to Aspen and surrounding areas

At Aspen Smile Dentistry, it’s our great pleasure to bring our whitening treatments to patients all over Aspen, Colorado and surrounding areas including Woody Creek, Snowmass Village, Snowmass and Lenado. 

Want to know more about our Teeth Whitening treatment in Aspen, CO? Get in touch with a member of our team today!